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Henry Barnett 

Assistant Tour Manager and Interpreter 

Arriving in Italy in 2018 in pursuit of a new life outside of America and with an ever-curious mind, Henry ended up preferring Italian society to that of his homeland. Rather unexpectedly, he became completely enamored with the Italian language, history, people, and of and drink! Life in Italy heavily influenced his way of life for the better, supplying him with an intense new passion for discovering the Italian peninsula and the rich culture it has to offer.


Having ample experience traveling from the northern mountains of Trentino to the most southern shores of Puglia, he strives to render your experience as genuine and special as possible by leading you off the beaten path and connecting you with people you would have otherwise never thought possible due to the language barrier. Don't act so surprised when he starts chit-chatting with Neapolitans in the streets in their own dialect!

Learn Italian before Your Trip!

Join Henry in a live class taught directly from Italy. One of the best ways to experience Italy like a local is to speak a bit of the language.  Our classes are taught virtually, and are designed to give you confidence in communicating, but always with an element of fun!  Whether you sign up with your travel group to practice together or on attend your own, our class are sure to be a fun  and educational experience.


One on one lessons or group lessons: 2-4 people

$20/hour, per person.


Great for beginner students! 
This class is our most popular class and is perfect for those who want to be able to walk into a cafe with confidence and order their morning coffee, shop at outdoor markets, ask for directions, and be able to chat with a nice signora in the




  • Basic greetings and communication

  • Ordering in a cafe or restaurant

  • Italian etiquette

  • All course materials are included in the price and will be provided to students the first day of class.




3  person minimum $30/hour, per person. 


Perfect if you speak conversational Italian, but want to  

want to have a deeper conversational skills.  


  •  Expand your vocabulary

  •  Proper usage of verbs and tenses. 

  • Available for group bookings only,

  • All students must be on the same level  


$40/hour per person

This is an intensive class for those who want to see immediate growth and requires much dedication. Reccommended for those who are planning to live  or work abroad, or really want to master the Italian language. 

  • Classes are  held 2 or 3 times a week,

  • 1 or 1.5 hour lessons

  • Mon-Wed-Sat only 

  • Graded homework



Do you have questions for Henry about which class is right for you or what to expect? 

Email :

Or send him a message on What's App :

 +39 327 714 5804

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