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Planning really is half the fun, so grab a glass of wine and your girlfriends, and book your complimentary vacation planning session with me via Zoom.  Together we will build your dream getaway, virtually, so when the borders reopen to Americans you will be ready and all set to go!

During your complimentary Italian vacation planning party, we will discuss the type of accommodations, budget, season of travel, and activities you prefer in order to create a personalized itinerary for you and your group.


Do you see yourself at a private villa or a boutique hotel? Does your dream include cooking in a rustic, Tuscan farmhouse or glamming it up on the Amalfi Coast? Would you rather sunbathe on a Mediterranean beach or hunt for truffles with dogs in the woods of Umbria? Tough decisions, I know, but this is Italy, so treat yourself. 


Image by Sterling Lanier



Cobblestone paved hill towns, cypress dotted countryside, rustic cuisine, and the wine of kings all in the glowing Tuscan light, makes this itinerary is a living postcard.  


Shop around the village for our market to table cooking class, immerse yourself in nature wandering along the ancient strade bianche paths, get creative with wine and take in the Renaissance masterpieces of Florence at the former Medici's summer home.  This itinerary is a girl's Tuscan dream. Weeks available spring through summer.  Please send us your requested dates. 



Often visitors to the Amalfi Coast have only scratched it's surface of treasures. To find some of it's best kept secrets you must head higher up still into the mountains, far above the tourist towns. We travel down to the Cilento Coast as well, to explore an ancient site of temples and an organic buffalo mozzarella farm.


By day this itinerary brings you and your group into the lemon groves and small farms to cook with locals, visit hidden artisans and make your own ceramic masterpieces.


A sunset winetasting  and dinner at a boutique, female owned winery is a highlight. In the evening, hit the town to experience Mediterranean cuisine and nightlife at its best. Bonus: Includes hair & make up appointment before your night out in Positano.  

Image by Luca Micheli


The itinerary also  takes you to the white villages along the coast with a stay at a masseria. Attend hands on cooking classes, take a boat ride along the Adriatic Coast, and enjoy some of the most ancient foods you will ever see in Southern Italy.  If you have visited the big Italian cities, Puglia and Matera need to be your next stops. 



Hunt for truffles with dogs, taste the region's best wines, and participate in one of the most important seasonal events in Italy, the olive harvest. There is a certain serenity in picking olives and grapes in the silence of the groves and vineyards. Join us for this Zen experience in the Tuscan countryside.

Man Holding Olives

Ready to start booking a Girls Getaway? Contact us to set up a call via Zoom to get all of the details on your personalized trip.

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